Mi Familia

My beautiful wife Michele
Michele in L.A. summer of 2011

Michele and I have been married for 20 years. Several years ago, we almost lost each other. Despite many people around us who thought for many different reasons that we should not stay together, we fought with everything we had to reconnect. It has been the greatest decision we ever made. By tearing it down, we started from scratch and found a happiness we could never imagine. She literally has become my best friend. Very simply, she is my reason.





My oldest son Zach
Zach was born two months after I graduated high school in 1989.

Z achary is my oldest son. He is a Senior at Wabash College, a highly respected private liberal arts college in Crawfordsville, IN. Wabash is commonly referred to as the “Ivy League of the Midwest”. They also are well known for their outstanding Division III football program. He was recruited to play after a stellar high school career that was highlighted by many honors that included conference player of the year, 3 years All-State and most notably a member of the Indiana Football All-Star North-South game. In addition, Zachary carried a 3.7 gpa and currently receives academic scholarships from Wabash.

Tyler enjoyed a stellar high school basketball career. He currently plays for NAIA Goshen College

Tyler is heading to play collegiate basketball at NAIA Goshen College. Tyler was recruited by several out of state Division 1 schools but opted to stay close to home. His high school basketball career consisted of compiling a 61-12 as a starter, including 2 County Championships, 2 Sectional Championships, and 1 Regional Championship. His honors are All-County, All-Sagamore Conference, Sagamore Conference Player of the Year, Indy Metro West Player of the Year, and Indiana All-State. His AAU career consisted of playing for some of the top teams in the country including at 2005 AAU National Championship. He also graduated with a high gpa of 3.4.

Maleah is the baby of the family

Maleah, is the baby. She is our accidental angel. She brings sunshine and innocence into our lives daily. She is smart, spunky, artistic, loving and very independent. She loves to create anything, especially drawing and painting and enjoys playing soccer. We were blessed with the rare opportunity to get to do it again, this time with a beautiful little girl.






Michael is our adopted son, or as he calls himself, our "black son"

Michael is our adopted son. He came to us wanting to change the direction of his life and felt his best chances were under our roof. He has done an amazing job with his life, turning his gpa around, working hard to physically improve his athelticism and his game.  Michael is in his first year of college. He is a good kid, that is growing into an even finer man with his lightheartedness, compassion, fortitude, loyalty and dedication to be the best man he can be. We are proud to call him one of our own.


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