First and foremost, have been my kids.  What a blessing they have been.  It was rough at times having children so very young but it was worth every minute of it. 

My boys lead me to one of passions, coaching.  I’ve been fortunate enough to coach both of my boys, in multiple sports for over 15 years.  That soon grew into an obsession and I found myself coaching at many levels for many age groups.  I coached under the legendary Tom “Red” Taylor who taught me a tremendous amount of what I know today.  I have coached some of the best high school players to come up recently including Travis Carroll (Purdue), Terone Johnson (Purdue), Austin Ethrington (IU), Marshall Plumlee (Duke), Max Landis (Gardner Webb), Randall Lowe (Huntington), Dustin Smith (New England), and numerous others. 

The two I’m most proud of are my sons.  Zach played football for Speedway High School in Indiana and was named to the Indiana All Star team in 2008.  He played one year at Wabash College (at that time a top five Division III team) before deciding to concentrate on academics.    Tyler had an exceptional career at Danville Community High School with numerous highlights and awards.  After entertaining several offers from school accross the country, he decided to stay close to home and accepted a full ride from small NAIA Goshen College.  Both boys are exceptional athletes and students alike. 

After a brief hiatus for personal reasons, I have decided to get back into coaching.  I also plan to privately train athletes as well.  I will update this area with information on those up and coming athletes, as well as articles about them.


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